Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Count's Origins

Rumors abound when the origins of the Count come into play.  Here are some of the suggested origins.  I would love to hear your thoughts and your reasoning.

  1. Son of the widow of Charles II (King of Spain) and a banker from Madrid.
  2. A Portuguese Jew.
  3. An Alsatian Jew.
  4. Son of a tax-gatherer in Rotondo.
  5. The natural son of the King of Portugal.
  6. Franz-Leopold, Prince Ragoczy, of Transylvania. *
  7. Vlad III Dracula Theory
  8. The Wandering Jew
  9. Actually Francis Bacon
  10. Last of the Medici Family

* Cooper-Oakley, Isabella. The Comte De Saint Germain, the Secret of Kings. 2nd ed. London: Whitefriars Press, 1912. Page 9-10. 
"This theory held by Gorg Hezekiel in his Abenteuerliche Gesellen, i., 35, Berlin, 1862.  Karl von Weber (op. cit., i., 318) also says that M. de St. Germain openy appeared in Leipzig in 1777 as Prince Ragoczy, and that he was often known as Graf Tzarogy, which latter is merely an anagram for Ragotzy (Ragoczy)."

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